The Chamber of Commerce Mountain View is located in Mountain View, California. A non-profit organization, the Chamber serves as the collective voice of local businesses and industry and is funded by its membership of over 550 businesses and organizations. Membership represents businesses of all cities and industries.
Education Hub
The Mountain View Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to promoting education in the community with the knowledge that education promotes growth and drives business in every community. We both sponsor and invest in educational programs throughout our community.

The Education Hub is a resource for those community members interested in building and continuing partnerships among the Mountain View business community, local schools, and other education-based organizations.
  • The Chamber supports a cost effective, quality educational system that adequately prepares students for the 21st century.
  • The Chamber encourages partnerships between the business community, local schools and local government.
  • The Chamber encourages and actively supports programs that reflect community diversity and celebrate the many heritages of our youth.
  • The Chamber supports educational and vocational programs that educate local youth in areas that will prepare them to work in the Silicon Valley.

Mountain View Education Foundation   
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