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  • Why do we care about Public Policy? Why do we care about Public Policy?

    Imagine a piece of legislation or a new city ordinance that gets started on someone’s desk and it makes it way through the process. Public input is given. Changes are made. Then it goes back through the process. More input. Then the vote happens (in Sacramento or at a City Council meeting), suddenly the rules have changed. The way you conduct your business has changed, impacting your business, your neighborhood, your employees. That’s why we care about public policy.

  • How to get Involved How to get Involved

    The Chamber of Commerce recently conducted a member survey and while we are pro-actively engaged in various topics, the three identified by our members as the most important are: housing, transportation, and education (workforce development). The Chamber has participates in an array of projects, partnerships and legislative support. Including: the El Camino Precise Plan through the Corridor Advisory Group, the Downtown Parking Study, and monitoring the on-going development in Mountain View that includes retail/office space, housing, and restaurants.

    If you would like to become more involved in the Chamber’s public policy efforts or would like to be informed with designated emails or Action Alerts - please contact govt_relations@chambermv.org