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  • Boardroom Rentals
    The Chamber Board room is available for reservations during times when it is not in use by the Chamber. It seats approximately 20 people around the table, with additional seating in the room. Chamber members can reserve the board room once a month as part of their membership dues. Non-members will be charged $125 per use. At the discretion of the Chamber, any on-going scheduled use can be cancelled and the Chamber is not responsible for any inconvenience this may cause. In case of conflict in schedule, members have preference over non-members, however a booked room will not be re-booked. Contact our office (650) 968-8378 for more information.

    Certificate of Origin
    A Certificate of Origin is a signed statement certifying the origin of the goods in an export shipment. Chamber of Commerce Mountain View is authorized by the Department of Commerce to certify Certificates of Origin or items manufactured in the United States.

    Certificates of Origin Forms provided by Chamber of Commerce Mountain View must be used for Certificates of Origin and must be accompanied by a manufacturer's invoice.

    The fee for Certificates of Origin is $5.00 for Chamber Members and $25 for non-members, per Certificate of Origin.

    Contact our office (650) 968-8378 to arrange an appointment to have a Certificate of Origin signed.