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    Here at the Chamber of Commerce in Mountain View we serve as the eyes, ears and voice of local businesses. Members benefit from our advocacy, connect with peers, promote themselves and come together to build a beautiful community.

    We don’t take orders from the US Chamber of Commerce. One of our concerns with the US Chamber of Commerce is summarized in this quote from a recent article,“Rather than listening to its members and crafting a policy agenda that reflects their priorities, Chamber lobbyists pick their policy positions behind closed doors and then figure out how to convince their members to fall in line.”

    Don’t let those words or this article confuse you - We have no affiliation to, or connection with the US Chamber of Commerce and not only do we not fall in line with them, we don't listen to them at all.

    We take direction from our members and serve as a center pillar of community benefit. Take a look around our new website and see all the activities we’re part of. Join us to be part of the solution in Mountain View, our region and an example of conscious community connecting in the world.

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