• Scholarship Mountain View December 2017

  • The MVCoC Education Foundation’s mission is to enable hard-working, dedicated students who have already demonstrated academic success, the ability to overcome obstacles, a drive to be a person of impact on their world and beyond and passion for serving others to reach their goal for higher level education.

    Have you considered the rising cost of education and the various obstacles that may prevent our local high school students from pursuing a college degree ? The students that apply for our scholarship program come from a socio-economic background which would deter them from pursuing higher education. Your financial support can make the difference by helping them to realize their dream of a college degree.

    This is a perfect time to donate as part of your year end giving. Every dollar we raise goes directly to the scholarships for these students.

    If you would like to make a donation to Scholarship Mountain View for our next scholarship season, go to: mvcocef.org/donate or send a check made payable to MVCoC Education Foundation to:
    580 Castro Street
    Mountain View, CA 94041


    The Mountain View Chamber of Commerce Education Foundation, Inc is a 501C3 non-profit organization focused on education. Donations are tax-deductible Tax-ID: 77-0202338 Please contact Tony Siress, MVCoC Education Foundation Executive Director at tony@chambermv.org | 650-968-8378 with any questions.