• Update on Proposed Business License Tax in Mountain View

  • Did you know…

    The Mountain View City Council has proposed updating the BLT?  The Chamber agrees the BLT needs updating, however, we believe to remain competitive with neighboring cities the rates should remain consistent.  There is a delicate interdependent business ecosystem in all cities, and, many of our small and medium businesses rely on employees from larger companies to support their livelihood.


    The current proposed BLT plan by council:

    Flat Fee (for Businesses up to 50 employees)

    1 Employee         $100/year

    2-25 employee         $200/year

    26-50 employees     $400/year


    Progressive Modeling (for Businesses Over 50 Employees)

    51 to 500 is Base $400             AND         $75/employee over 50

    501 to 1000 is Base $400        PLUS        449x$75 + $100/employee over 500

    1001 to 5000 is Base $400      PLUS        449x$75 + 500x$100 + $125/employee over 1K

    5001 + is Base $400                PLUS        449x75 + 500x$100 + 3999x$125 + $150/employee over 5000


    The city council will be voting on the final details of the proposed plan at the city council meeting scheduled for  June 26, 2018, 500 Castro Street, Mountain View. If you are a business owner in Mountain View you should attend this meeting.  If you are unable to attend in person you can write a letter, send an email or call your city councilmember and voice your concerns.