• Technology Showcase

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  • Technology Showcase 2019
  • Explore the innovative technology emerging from Mountain View Explore the innovative technology emerging from Mountain View

    Mountain View is world-renowned as a center of innovation and creativity. Home to some of the most well-known tech giants, we also host hundreds of small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs at the forefront of new discoveries and trends.

    Technology Showcase is a unique live event that is free and open to all, taking place in Civic Center Plaza. It’s a rare opportunity to experience first-hand the diversity among our technology community and the newest ideas created in our own backyard. Come learn, experience, and connect!

    • Product demonstrations
    • New apps
    • Hands-on opportunities
    • Vehicle displays
    • Business-to-business partnership conversations
    • Job Openings and search tools
    • Families are welcome!

  • You’ve probably seen them around town or on the news - vehicles with circling cameras on top, co-pilots with laptops, small vans with no one driving. It’s a national phenomenon with substantial impact on our local and global economies, and lifestyles. And much of the research and development of these technologies is happening right here in Mountain View!

    Opening our Showcase on Wednesday evening, our featured panelists are industry leaders in the Autonomous Vehicle space, and all are headquartered right here in our area. We will spend a few minutes spotlighting what they are working on, the different problems they are solving, as well as the obstacles facing their efforts - followed by a panel discussion.




  • From robotics to RNA, the breakthrough work being done in medicine affects us all. When combined with technological advances, MedTech delivers devices and systems that are saving lives and fundamentally changing our perceptions of our bodies, our minds, and our health, as well as innovative approaches to prevention and treatment.


    Closing our Showcase on Thursday afternoon, the institutions on stage are doing revolutionary research – and product development - right here locally. They will speak for a few minutes on their specific area of focus, the trends ahead, and why the work is being done in Mountain View rather than anywhere else - followed by a panel discussion.




  • Participating Companies - Apply Here!

    Are you interested in being one of the tech companies at our annual Technology Showcase and demo your latest products/technologies? There are options for expo booths and sponsorship opportunities!

    Applications are being accepted on a rolling basis until June 14, 2024.

    Complete and submit an application.

    Apply Now!

    Have questions? Email info@chambermv.org or call 650-968-8378.