• Scoop Technologies

  • The average Bay Area commuter spends 5 hours a week commuting and wastes 75 hours stuck in traffic every year. Scoop, the fully automated carpool solution for employers, aims to win back that lost productivity in the carpool lane, giving life back to commuters and communities.


    Scoop has already helped commuters save over 1 million pounds of CO2 and save over 1.1 million miles of driving. Employers such as Symantec, Intuit, Microsoft, and El Camino Hospital have already partnered with Scoop to bring easy, custom carpooling to their employees.

    Commuting with Scoop is easy: schedule individual trips in the app based on your schedule, get matched in a carpool, and take your trip. Scoop is the largest carpooling network in the Bay Area, with over 30,000 commuters are already on board.


    Employees and employers both reap the benefits: decreased commuting times, new connections between co-workers, and monetary savings. With Scoop, your company can help employees get to work easier and faster, improve company culture, and take cars out of the parking lot.

    Interested in learning more and getting marketing materials to bring Scoop to your company? Contact David Weisman at david@takescoop.com.