• Votility Launch

  • What if we told you that you could vote and comment on a piece of pending legislation and we at the Chamber could aggregate your collective voices so our representatives knew, in near real-time how you felt on the issue before they voted on it?


    With our new advocacy software platform from Votility, it's now possible!


    The new advocacy portal on our website will keep you informed and help you take specific actions that we can then aggregate and push to the representatives ahead of their votes. Through this high-tech, easy-to-use tool, we can now share your individual sentiment, in near real-time, to our representatives on a issue-by-issue basis. This is real data from you, our members, who will be voting in these representative’s districts. Never before have we been able to track and effect legislation with this kind of efficiency!


    Here is a sample screenshot of the web page you can visit to see the legislation in question, our policy position on that legislation and the actions you can take.

    • You can now see and read most all details on pending legislation that affects you, your family or your business

    • You can vote and comment on that legislation before your elected representatives cast a vote on it. (Isn’t that what we all want; for our elected representative to know our thoughts on the legislation that affects us, and our opinion on it, before they cast their votes to make it law?)

    • You can send custom emails, letters, and make phone calls to your representatives OR to those representatives whom we believe you need to impact with your communications and…

    • Your Chamber can now measure member sentiment and data and push it to the representative on a issue-by-issue basis—something we’ve never been able to do previously!


    In less than 30 days, we will have fully launched our new advocacy platform.

    Together, using this powerful, new platform, we can have a direct and compelling impact on pending legislation. Make no mistake, advocacy is a team effort and it will take a few minutes of your time to become involved. But the simple, quick actions you make will provide the data we — and your legislators — need to impact and affect their decision.